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"3D" Ltd. Bydgoszcz has over twenty years of tradition. It specializes in production of hi-tech visual information system devices and for the last four years, it has manufactured visual surveillance systems. "3D" also offers complex design, assembly and service of its products.

Thanks to twenty years of experience and qualified staff we are able to meet expectations of our clients and to propose the most efficient technical setup of our devieces. Our experience as well as our clients opinions show that sport result boards that we offer (over 1000 since 1990) can do perfectly on every type of sport events - from school leauge to European-class competitions.


Our products, such as: information boards, sport result boards, clocks, various types of indicators and wireless transmission systems, which are used in thousands of national and foreign facilities. It works perfectly on stadiums, in sport halls, swimming pools, bus and train stations, banks, factories, schools and other places of public usage.

These are our own construction solutions, acknowledged with the patent of Polish Patent Office and with certificats. Our products meet the standarts of Polish Basketball Association, FIBA, Polish Voleyball Association and Institut of Communication. Materials used by "3D" are manufactured by "Ferranti Packard Electronics", "PARA Light" and "Kingbright" and have the certificat of highest world qualitiy ISO 9002.

We sincerely hope that "3D" Ltd. will be known as the producer of the best quality products used in many sport, public and private facilities. We invite all constructors, designers and sport managers to co-operate with us.